Phoenix continues to rise

Hey Crew~                                                                                                              April 24 2015

Wow!! 2 months in and so much to share.

As you all know..or may not know, a co. whom shall not be named came after me and bullied me into changing my name.

After much thought support and legal advice, I have been feverishly working on my name change. It sure is hard to change my name after devoting over 5years of blood sweat and tears, building my name and brand.  I will say this, you can make me change my name, but you will never change who I am and my passion for health and fitness.

….Introducing … Cat’s Functional Fitness.. Or in the words from the “gurls” after their Friday morning workout Cat’s Dysfunctional Fitness..;) ..gotta keep laughing !!!

Ok..lets get down some business~

There has been a change in the schedule. There will No longer be a Thursday evening class.

Schedule is Mon and Wed 5:30 pm and Tues and Thurs 10:30 am.

I will be throwing in Fun Five Buck Friday workouts too! Along with our Flash* Five Buck boot camps in the park~ This is a great opportunity to bring a friend to try out CSF. ..or CSI …Crime Scene Investigations..Crime Scene Fitness..LOL!! ok somebody stop me!! Kidding of course!

Skoop ~ I will also be sharing Skoop with you and will be planning to have a Skoop Happy Hour very soon. I will be handing out free samples and raffling off kick ass Skoop Tees as well. I’m very passionate about this product. Skoop carries the equivalent of 10 servings of vegetables. It has your supergreens and superfruits probiotics and adaptogens and omega 3s. The taste aint so bad either..:)

Give Aways!!!   Another gig I’m passionate about is recognizing people’s hard work. So, after every class, I will be honoring one person with a small token or a goody, for their determination and efforts during the workout!

I cannot Thank You all enough for your support, cheers and roars for me during this crazy time! Cat’s Functional Fitness Prevails!

***still playing around with the acronyms..CSF   or CFF..Hmm…take a vote! Let me know what you think!

In the meantime..Everything in moderation drink your water breathe and never forget your power within~

Cat’s Studio is Now Open~

CXF army green wing tire  new

Cat’s STUDIO is Now OPEN!

We are throwing down some  dirt.heart.sweat.grit

Class Schedule: Mon.Wed.Thurs. 5:30-6:30p:m

Tues.Thurs 10:30-11:30a:m

Introductory offer: 8 classes a month $49.99+tx

Standard : 12 classes a month 69.99+tx.

Unlimited 79.99+tx a month. Drop in for $10

Location: North of the blinking light, just past the gravel pits on the left side of the rd.

36 State Rd 522 #3 El Prado 87529.

Contact Cat for more information 575 770 3986 or

Come train with us!!  We Train with a purpose We train for Longevity~

What Makes You Come Alive?

…You can do this…Its about time..Why not now..So excited for you…Can’t ..You have done just about everything not to open a studio..What are you waiting for…

For this moment.. right here right now!

I am over the moon to share with you CKF Functional Training  has found a home!  Located just past the Blinking Light by the gravel pits.

Address for CKF Studio, 36 State Rd 522 #3  El Prado 87529.  It is a kick ass space filled with all sorts of various equipment to crazy train, set goals, and have fun while getting fit!  It also has  an awesome outdoor space to flip tires move cinder blocks and  hill sprints..;)

Dreams happen for many reasons. And I have  had many reasons at times not to follow through..But every morning I got up I found new ways, new strength to carry on and bring my dreams to life.

At my studio, you will find a place built on genuine support, motivation and inspiration. It is my gift, to share with you.  To help you find your inner strength so that you may carry on and bring your dreams to life~ Pay it Forward.

I will be offering one on one personal training, small group training, and packages. Monthly specials, and 30 to 60 day challenges. CKF will also offer support in healthy choices and nutrition as well.  CKF  is the whole package from the inside out. You need both to keep your life in balance.

Schedule to start: Tues and Thurs Mornings 10:30 to 11:30. Mon, Wed. and Thurs evenings 5:30 to 6:30.

Introductory Price: Let’s Do this Package~2 classes a week, 8 classes per month for $49.99 plus tax.

Standard Prices: Makin it Happen Package~3 classes a week, 12 classes per month for $69.99 plus tax.

Unstoppable Package~Unlimited classes per month $79.99 plus tax. And  Checkin it Out ~ $10.00 Drop in fee.

CKF Functional Training will be ready to throw do some dirt. heart. sweat. grit. On March 2nd~ Please contact  me with any questions or for more information, I’m sure I have missed something through all this excitement!


Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  ~Attributed to Howard Thurman

An added New Venture

As some of you may already know, right before the holidays I made the decision to join the fabulous team of Rodan+Fields. The Doctors who brought us Proactiv. They continue to create great products to help our skin to fight the impurities and stressors of our daily environment, while bringing out our individual glowing natural beauty.

I have used the Redefine line for over 2 years as well as Reverse. Having fallen to skin cancer, I truly recognize the value of taking care of one’s skin. Rodan+Fields  is the first full line I have found to support my/your skins needs.  I love it!

From the fresh scent to the texture. From how my skin looks and feels. And bonus, I can say my skin has been cancer free for well over 2 years now. Thanks to my most favorite R+F product, Redfine A:M Triple Defense Treatment. It has SPF 30 in the product itself. I’m always covered when I leave my casita. And living in Taos New Mexico, altitude of 7,000 I truly… We truly need it~

Its so great to embrace the skin I’m in~

Please contact me for more information~ I will be happy to share more about this amazing line.

Here is my website

Heres to Health Beauty and Happiness~




It takes 30 days to form a habit~30 days to lock it down!

CKF Functional Fitness 60 Day Challenge is here to create, motivate and inspire You~

Sign up today and your last session is on me!

Your training will be challenging, fun and  individualized to support your specific health and fitness needs.  Your transformation will start from the inside out!  It will be exciting to witness this and an honor to be a part of your new journey~

Contact me for more information~   Here’s to a Healthier Happier You~

habit motivation

Weekend Workout The Holly Jolly~

Every Minute on the Minute

4 Exercises~ 5 Rnds~ Total Work Time: 20 Minutes~

1st Minute  10 Total Single Leg Burpees.. Alternate Legs

2nd Minute 20 BW Squats

3rd  Minute 8 Total Reverse Lunges w a DB Overhead Press..  Alternate Legs…If you do not have Dumbbells.. perform a total of 16 Reverse Lunges

4th Minute  12 Chest Tap Push Ups

The sooner you get through each exercise during that minute, the more rest you will have until the next minute starts.

The goal is to always challenge yourself. Listen to your body, drink water and don’t forget to Breathe..;)  AND have FUN while getting FIT!!

look how far we have come ...

Look how far we have come!!  Here’s to your health and fitness Ladies !

And in the words of Steven Tyler, Lifes a journey..not a destination~ Rock On!!

WOD~ Quick Warm Ready for Football!!

Good Snowy Morning!

IT is a Winter Wonderland here in Taos NM

Thought I would set up a quick way to get warm!

Just did this one!

4 Rnds

50 Body Weight Squats

40 Bulgarian Squats total..20 on each leg

Then 4 Rnds of:

30 Second Front Plank Holds… Go right into 30 seconds of Push Ups

Rest for 15 seconds then repeat!!

Refresh w a B -Strong protein shake and settle into your Sunday!!


Ready for the Day~



Make it a Monumental Day!!

Dynamic WarmUp Exercises~

Why dynamic Warm Up?

Dynamic Warm Up~ Increases flexibility.   Range of motion.  Cardiovascular capacity~ Blood Flowing. Body warm! Here are some great warm-up exercises to add to your workout!    Keep Moving. Keep Breathing.. and Don’t forget to have FUN while getting FIT!!!

Shuttle Runs                         MtnClimbers                                    Walkouts w a Pushups

Butt Kicks                              Frogs                                                  Toy Soldiers

High Knees                            Walking Lunges w a twist               Grapevines

Quick Skips                            Moving Squats                                  Jumping Jax

Lateral Shuffles                     Moving Lateral Lunges                   Lateral Moving Jumping Jax

Backward Shuffles                Spidermans                                       Leg Swings



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